Thursday, December 24, 2015

Setup Amazon Game circles with cocos2d-x and Cocos Helper

Setup Amazon Game circles with Cocos2d-x and cocos helper

Hello for this instructions first you will need to setup  cocos helper in the cocos2d-x project, in this project I'm using cocos2d-x 3.x C++. Ok So using the cocos helper it really saves a lot of time when you want to implement external framework in our Cocos2d-x games. I write the Amazon game circles support for Android. So here are the information that you need to make it work in your own cocos2d-x game

Amazon game circles doesn't use an ID like Google play services instead of that when you register your own app in the amazon developer console you can download a "file" called api_key.txt you need to put that file in the Resources Folder.

Pre: You first need to set up cocos helper. Go here.
You need to register your own app in the Amazon web site (Amazon developer console)
And generate you own ID there for that steps you need your MD5 certificate fingerprints whe you give that to amazon they will generate an API KEY file.

And remember this will not work in debug mode you need to test it using release mode with certificate fingerprints or it will not work I work a lot to make it not crash our app in the debug mode.

Import the Amazon Game Circle SDK

If you don't import this in your project it will simply just show errors in eclipse or don't compile.

Copy API_KEY.TXT  to Resources

You need to put that in the assets folder in your android project but when you compile cocos the resources folder is the assets folder so in short words just copy api_key.txt to the Resources Folder

Edit the AndroidManifest.xml

If you remove the comments from the XML file in the cocos helper you will need to replace this
"" with you own package if you don't do this it will now work. You also need internet permission.

Remember enable the Amazon value in the SonarSystemsSettings.Java file

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